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Creative practices for personal effectiveness and wellbeing

Hi and welcome! I'm Ilona Hassan. I am a transformational coach who is inspired by the power of creative methods to enhance our inner resources and the potential to create desired results. My coaching is a  generative conversation with a goal in mind. I work with art-based practices and imagination, intuition and mind-body connection. This integrative approach is highly effective in transforming feelings of being stuck or blocked, limiting beliefs and loss of purpose. Most of my clients get results beyond expected, because the process is not linear, as in verbal practices, but can be experienced as a quantum leap.

Creativity has always been a part of my life professionally and personally as a resource of  success. I am a certified Neurographic® Instructor and a Coach with over 170 hours of training and 200 hours of supervised practice with the Institute for the Psychology and Creativity. I am a former music teacher, economic development consultant, fashion designer, entrepreneur, and hold a Master’s degree in Intercultural Communication. My passion is to teach the most effective tools for people to restore balance and a state of happiness by themselves, beyond our time together. The ability to self-heal is the best investment in yourself. 


I work with Neurographics® method as a coaching tool for group practices. This method is built on the crossroad of scientific principles and art. It is a visual drawing technology accompanied by psychological processes, for personal transformation and modeling future. It is inspired by the principle of Neuroplasticity and the NeuroArt science of our brain’s response to art and beauty, and the ability to change the subconscious patterns. You don’t need to know how to draw or be creative. We work with abstract geometric shapes, lines and colors, and using this graphic alphabet we are able to decode and transform given issue, first on paper, and in our subconscious. In this method we work with imagination and creative energy. It builds creative confidence, flow state, relaxation, shifting from limiting to resourceful state of mind.

* The NeuroGraphics drawing process, from the first imprint of the situation, to its full transformation. The principle of Mirror Neurons explains how such transformation on paper impacts transformation of that subject in our brain.

“Ilona’s practice lives somewhere between scientific principles, psychological practices and energetic healing. Her work doesn't fit into one conceptual box, it's best to avoid looking for the perfect description. Instead, I suggest jumping into a session with Ilona. She's a wonderful guide! Patient, understanding and knowledgeable - she'll walk you through this journey with warmth and compassion." Altair Vincent, Actor, Toronto, 2020.

My clients usually seek coaching for support in navigating significant changes or overcoming challenges. My approach involves imagination, intuition and body senses. With the NeuroGraphics method we can verify our practice with phenomenological indicators through the visual signals in our drawings and the resonance it produces in our body, emotions and thoughts. 

The benefits of coaching in broad terms are gaining clarity and confidence, creating new possibilities and connectedness to a larger purpose, happier relationships and a sense of satisfaction. Studies on the impact of coaching showed improved self-efficacy and self-empowerment, another study reported an increased sense of well-being and performance. Coaching enhances self-reflection, self-awareness and mindfulness that lead to overall improvement of the quality of life. Creative approach such as NeuroGraphics drawing enhances the benefits of coaching and makes it more holistic and intuitive.  

Coaching sessions are led online, can be individual or in groups. For best results, it is suggested to commit to a minimum of 5 sessions. Each session is between 60 to 75 min. To learn more, please email: or book a Discovery Call here.

Group Workshops

*Below are drawings from group workshops

NeuroGraphica Group workshops are carefully designed for each group and workshop theme, they are structured with a specific intention in mind that is easy to follow and address an interest of the group. You don't need to be an artist, or know how to draw. We work with simple geometric shapes and guided structured drawing, explained step by step. Sessions are around 1 h long.

* I offer privately organized group workshops with a custom designed content, please contact me directly:

 If you would like to participate in my group workshops and courses, please join my network to get notified about the upcoming events. 


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* Disclaimer: Neurographic Coaching is not a substitute for diagnosis, treatment, or therapy. It is not art therapy, but a tool to model desired results.


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